It's BRANG Time!


Word Brang:


The Joey Existential-Latta

The Antipasto Happy to Bistro

I liquidated a frozen bubble treat

No flecky with the head de-shecky

I will rise to the absurdity of Dristan

Beefy, come demote the Egg Children

Lost Secrets of the Snotty Eggmasters

The Head Parmesan Sweater Resistance

Muscling egg whites at the gravy center

The Santa Demingous Bert Park Third Way

Your chromium brain damage is to beat any price

I screamed at you, Godzilla was the second bird call

Oh merciful Kleenex, send me a viking for damper day

You get a dollar off if you do 10 chin-ups in a chicken outfit

New found pet name you can use: "Won-Ton Soup Destroyer"

Hypocrisy, truck stops and business cards that don't mean anything.

Don't ever Lincoln Memorial unless useless your wearing your 3 O'clock Dolly Inspector Henderson slippers

Mary Turban Enchilada

Jose Air conditioner-ez

Sting: "I pledge allegiance to the middle of the road."

Too much time, not enough bat float.

What's for T.V....Dinner?

No thanks, I frizzy my own Kings Highway

Cpt. Eugene flying Anal creepus...and the award goes to

A 5 angle dust buster

Block block the screening block buster machine

That's the 3rd Milissia Manchester I fell on the floor with

Boys II Astronaughts

The Leathery Spit House

General Elisimo Get-Out-Of-There-Oh

The great tiddlywinks disaster of 1922

4 out of 5 dentists surveyed are dentists

Inchworm dependent nose rejection

Split finger fast tomato

John Philips dependent Streetcar quickies, lawn-mower style

Phased pavement for Split tomato

Second hand mouse maze cheese machine

Barnies 5 and 10 awareness plaggits

Smuggling Nitroglycerin in my Dandruff

The left center planet corresponding to a shum-shum

Slightly exhausted cutlets

Sonic Who Who Land

Suezie Macnamara, squoze frozen juice from a squaw

Butt plugging your history nuts ma-lady?

Chucking your tonsils with Diana!

Dom Clondenon's favorite dirty shorts experience

We'll always have that night in Papua New Guinea.

Hey little girl come stick your head in this FLAMING BOX OF HELL!

Exploding confetti craving raspberry teeth remover

After Ready Spaghetti Unders

Sliderule connection jelly over easy on the adverb

The pajamas reading hi-testicles

Meatballs and hangovers / Was it again

Uncle Fred belongs his laundry to his favorite charity

Are you four egg foo young deliveries?

Adrian below floor music

(Sung to the tune of Manwich DC Adaptor the Third Buy Servator): "Bringest thou thy servators? Yea, O! DC adaptor, we buy thee time even now midst this merry Yule. Verily, we bring thee the maid's bow tie from Manwich, yonder haven. Even thou might ring it off anon! Ring that shit off, bitch!!!"

Major rehearsal, dispense with your nurse

You got a beef, take it to me....I'll tutor it

2 heads are better than 0.992

Wanton soup featuring battery

Informing the Face Plant Eggsters

Facing the 4 Egg McMinsters' plant

Egging on the 4 Masters

Delightful Sloppy Chops perfunctory Day

David Johanson Stickup Deck

Gravel Brains Snuffled on down to the sympathetic Substances

Drooling over the Neighbors Fork Lift Transplant

Razor Brains Meet the 7 Day TV Diet

Spectacles Brains Sorted the Testicles, Five

You say you want a testy legmaster dentifrice

All we are saying, is give anthropated floorboard beverage helmets a chance

Run during a 35 bad elephant

Leggo my Egg-sentrisities

Minute-Maid highchair children going for the gold

Football Team: North Baltimore Ballistics

Y-Throwmeum-Passover-Change (as opposed to WMCA)

Eddie make with the sailboat decision

The great fried fish selector

Introducing the new heavy weight boxing cheese, Sonny Waiter

The Big Bing Theory: Something about a Bing cherry exploding in space millions of years ago and then singing all these bad standards.

Stop your brang with Sheck!

Money for nothing and your brown marble-top self-cleaning pine cone sand blaster for free.

Yohan Tobasco Plumfest

The monkey hi 5 grape Phil Silvers

Porch Grape Borgnine

Call me "Bongo Sherman"

Potasium Storefront

Oh here's the story of Big Bag Cloober, He had no food - bairly cept his family robber, then one day when hunting for some food, up from the ground came a bubbling Big Cloober Bag II

The double entendre asphalt 3 o'clock chicken

Born to be a half ministered double chicken

Sometimes you have to have you have a murphey slip-MTO

2 plus premature underwear, with it reemy?

The Tom Corahara Plus coordinates

Dear diarrhea

Forget everything anyone ever said about Art Shamsky

Can I interest me in an Irish Schmely

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Man

Eddie the Fizz's first name, Eddie the Soreridge

Mississippi Queen Cheese

sharing hip socket dementia with the next millenium

Opposite side of the street gravity

Dispense with the tax return flavored jelly bits

I have to get my shoe laces pressed

Hitting all the exits on the Merit Parkway

Coffee?... No thanks, I gotta drive.

She can make a freight train take a dirt road

Swashbuckler their way into net savings

Get up, stand up, sit down, give me helmet

Power Choo Choo

I Want to Hold Your Hand Held Chip Chip

The continuum gas chamber laugh perhaps

Wise guy universe, I'm the killer broom corporate

Bo deadly donut

Carmen Meandering, sappy soap sub. Pleased to meet ya.

Throw-me-um Jeff-row

Scream Seltzer On It!

God bless the chin hostages.

Bo deadly dugout.

The Shoops Basta

plopping down in front of your hip socket, m'lady

The shoe farmanda plus regular

Act like your brain size, not your shoe alert.

As the bumble crushen 7th Seaver

New cereal: Post Ostrich Combing Deprivation Bran

Shimp & Ludly's....It's a real last name!

37 two times mo-roe

Ralph Waldo Emerson Lake & Palmer

He can make 24 tracks sound like 17.

American bi-fraginated buffalo lozenges

Reforget everything anyone ever said about Art Shamsky

Cheese Quake State Forest (NJ PWay exit 95?)

Take your left shoe off, and see if Joe hot dog is in there.

Lawnchair sandwich revival

Tall Wood Cutting Car-o-braided Morvitz

Bon Bon the tooth bird

Relative of Jose Air-conditionerez: Senoir Cititzen

Spectacular John's amazing Porcelain Bony Arrangement

A Couple of 20 minutes

The big Shamp

Charles the Armenian Bag-twizzy

Manhandling your mandibles, miloody.

A Campbell soup Milton burrows his way into the 3 of club house

Hi, folks, my name's Buster Winston, but my friends call me Win Dixon. You know, when I go to las vegas i always lose my Winstons. But then i win some. Know what I mean?

The cigarette lighter bee

Like a 2 fisted Elliot

Cheap new perfume: Channel 5

New T V show: Chief Jerky and Arnald Palmer

Streetcar named #829

Ed, the amazing ready or not tonsil...with roder rooms

Chief Justice channel 5 razor blade

Hi, I'm hold it right there fizzy

Ed the 11th ladder

Good morning asparagus, glad to bumper crop?

The sausage hunted on the 5 hired razor flavor

The sausage hunted, and then Ed fizzy

Jeffrey, the amazing salute the really nice flag

Rolly logical the yes or no stiff menu

The Ted Danzen under and over onion

I should give them a Morry covered Amsterdam minus two two

The Mike Didka 39 street budda pest desk Wally ... with SOMP!

Ed the diseased tire prang

Like a 2 fisted double Elliot with Sheck!

A double thurminin

Well, that finely tuned staple making artificial zip-lok microbe says it all. Gznok.

The leaning robin trowers of spaniel!

Border line defective Gwee-do's

Honey I shrunk the 5th Avenue diner

Spatulaing in Thurmin's unbelievable plan of protection, are you in?

New action adventure movie: John Chocolate Claude Moose

Please grease the short haired relief...policeman?

IÕm a Rasaferian short of a Wagster-House

Zippy the snot tooth big bastard

What did Locomotive Dan say to Ultrasonic Stan at the tiled check out the chicks counter at polyesterworth? (7) besides myself forensic dominick twister (4) >pizza illusion. Way!

Balls is a whip cream house that doesn't say stop the mouse

It's like a south micky half park

Double Concerto for Drug Addict, Hands-free telephone and orchestra

Ed BodieÕs quote of the day- I'm at the height of my diplomatic relationship with my Chinese restaurant.

Ball up and ball down the mountain mouse

It's called chase bank is that every hour or so some insanely dressed guy comes out of a back room and chases the customers around. Everybody is aware of this - but the bank has good rates so they put up with it. When he comes out they roll their eyes, oh god here comes the 'chase guyÕ.

Frozen ed balls, frozen head balls, frozen ed balls, frozen head balls

Kernel fix my Mexican

prealofrabricated porkmarshallovplatzerkak

Ghengis Connery

Smack of Partigan Potato Smacks

From now on I would like to be called "7 things that go with leg".

What do think of this as new slogan for hamburgers? 1-thats wompalm good counsler sauce, alfredo 2-that "wompalm",he's a good mustard sauce, alfredo? 3-thats the mustard sauce that works for me chief, ding dong ,,ding dong ,,ding dong ,,ding dong. 4-sold up the sailor.

It's like top notch alfredo sauce except (da da da da da da da da da da -Chinese song) mudd like to fly like moss (overtime like me).

The pre-heated Olympic gold. "Tanya Hardening of the Arteries"

When Bob meets Bosko

It's like Joe Bowling meets his barking

I(sung to the tune of "balls are made of henry, balls they make me sendry") Humos and Tahini, your mom's own baked ziti

Experience "Palmarie's Universe"

Fire in the whole enchilada.

It's like a 3 fisted sword fester.

The Superlative ZoologistÕs Industrial Snack Pack

I'm a head parking lot from really getting, a ache?

A corn crusted three and a half parmizon shape

Like an egg beater feg biscuit (sung to the tune, like a rhinestone cowboy).

Like a belly full of egg bake I

like an egg weighted with a fester head ache test

Dr. Corn and Dr. Storm

Yellvit Vello

I'm a coca~cola from a can of springton

I don't have a lot of eventually in me.

"All you meant is 'arlument'" should be sung, like a jingle

"Peas and Clock" - should be sung like peas and clock

I have to now go step into a flate of crade play fist.

Please donÕt call me a buffered egg aspirin for dinner.

Nor can I bicarbonin soda nate the man-who-can ready band

Something came up and I have to Aunt Betty it to the clear end of a bad shape.

Bongo Man

Stedmen... Instead of me, Instead of you, Instead of them.

Who threw up that there's Markie Mark konkulator involved?

I might go with the 4 ed bag, I'm not sure. I'll have to ask the 18 idiots, including pants, teeth and itchy.

Senator fillet of beef 500 and 501

Albeit Viet Nam Steve's Buschemi's veteran war sauce

Meet me at Largely Dan's Trousers & Schnaps for a grand 'ol pillar of democracy can

Jimmy Hoffa Commemorative bed sheets & bed sheet accessories

Cream Abdul Babar

Don't skimp on the electric shemp!

Cashus Clay's undergarments, the other white gold

Check with the Old Goldstein for some rights of passage, taxi driver style

gracing the pages of gloria estefan-type-of-meals. king size moo moo and two shits with face.

Nerve A and Nerve B left and right chemical

Orangetree Mustopoly

I've Rain Coats & Biological before on


The Electric Parmesan Symphony Orchestra

It's like a horse bitten freedom fester

I was running around like a hegspit with its hegspit cut off last night hegspit

Sonically engraved turtle shits and a new stew for phase

The second reincarnation of gomer pyle

Richard Dreyfus had a farm, E I E I tOny danza

Sigmund fried chicken

Goose Jerkey

Taj Ma-Heating Systems Mahals

ox 10 (po)

4 score and 7 years ago I found out mechanical

Don Juan De La Nooch

Never forget about the aforementioned metfood parking rangers

I need this like the head you rode in on

Do you know my therapist's name? Yarden Beyond The Yonder

I dont have anything written down, but that doesnt mean my peanut butter cant con copherate all over da place with peanut mam

I am Absolutely Sombrero Man

It's like a scientific beach ball with a two headed training table

Engorged 2-bus whitehall and whitman

It's Crocodile Done-Deal

Mucho indulging straight-faced republican pizza party

My new band: Moocho Integrity and the 4/5ths

The Fallopian Tube Reprisal Committee

I'll take intergalactic throw-up for 500

It's like the over-enabling republican pizza party stance

This happens sometimes. They call it a toothpaste cap claud burst denial of toothpaste attack with the cap off, Checkov.

Beefs of Green & Sons

Ridding the world of human sentence structure

A country called "peelbackia" where everything is peeled back a little bit - stamps on envelopes, orange skins, etc.

When egg freight and crade play to the clear end of a bad shape.

What did the lethargic Bromo Seltzer tablet distinguish the Path train's lack of sensitivity during an after hour exercise lesson without proper credentials?

It's the 'riddle me this' that makes it for me.

It's like a quick's changer over like its not over.


Igtner you are fabulous !!!

gtner you are fabulous !!!-balls in an uproar

gtner you are fabulous !!!- 4 balls in an uproar

gtner you are fabulous !!!-4 scores and his balls are in an uproar -gyzer

I had the idea last night that there should be korean delis in the middle of the forest for the animals.

the la la Corka Pulang-a-tang smelly hotshit Spensa 1099 formula

A hot gorilla tub = my head. sincerely yours, sensabillians

here's my senior citizen

User serviceable Arafats

Arafats anonymous

you say kaPinga, I say KaPanga, let's call the whole thing a tri-opolize square

4- the adventures of palmagan and spit monkey

monkey goes horrific

Burb and the Kansas City fried rice orchestra

The Maximum Strength Out Bunch

protect me from the wrong cheeseburger

gimme some of that 00cjeexe before I go nuts and start smashing things

I myself have been eating battery deprived motorcycle flakes with less -Micreverb........

Kick me in te balls with Eddie Andretti

new pop sensation: "the grouchy Mandelas" made up of all people who look like nelson Mandela, all in a grouchy mood.

how many roman wheelers?

A goal line falafel stand

Car pool battery tunnel vision

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Cantarella Acquires Dere

New York-July 1, 2002-Mick F. Cantarella today announced he has acquired "dere", a leading provider of alternatives to the word there. He has also concurrently announced his use of "der" will be discontinued, affective immediately.

Mr. Cantarella has set the industry standard for brangy word solutions," said Sina Tamaddon, Cantarella's senior vice president of Applications. "We're very excited to have the dere team join Cantarella and create more amazing variations on brangy speech."

Cantarella ignited the brang / word revolution in the 1980s with the introduction of the One Syllable Sentence Ending Technique (O.S.S.E.T.). Highly successful were the use of Der, and later in the 1990s with little known Der II. Cantarella is committed to bringing the best personal brang experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative instant messages, e-mails and late night phone communications.

Press Contacts:

Mick F. Cantarella


Der, Der II, Dere and "Here Dere" are trademarks dere. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

This press release contains certain "forward-looking" statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements are based on management's current expectations and are subject to uncertainty and changes in circumstances. Actual results may vary materially from the expectations contained herein. The forward-looking statements contained herein include statements about the consummation of the transaction with Dere and benefits of the pending transaction with Dere. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those described herein include the inability to obtain regulatory approvals and the inability to successfully integrate the Dere business. References to I'm one deadly ham held when telephone pup sould be completely ignored. Dere is under no obligation to (and expressly disclaims any such obligation to) update or alter its forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise dere.

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