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The first spin-off project to be realized off the Brang Page , looking to investigate the more grittier aspects of "Uncle instead of me / instead of him / instead of you".

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Receipt Verification Audit: ( it's known in the "Bz")

"Tour the dental floss, my friend (Indian style)."

A small sampling of what's to come and the kind of editorializing that can be integrated towards one's personal growth and dailies credo to ya Pops.

Comming soon: The further adventures of Eastern Car Service

Will Jose "Air-Conditioner-ez" be able to inject the appropriate chronological interrogation as to one's particular rondavoue coordinates, or be rudely cut off by the obligatory phone number recitation, and of course, "is there a second stop"?



  • Eastern Car Service Jingle in WAVE format Size: 60K

    General car service aptitude test (G.C.S.A.T.)

  • When your car service dispatcher says "Car in 5 minutes", in real time it really will be:

    a) 5 minutes

    b) 10 minutes

    c) 15 minutes

    d) 240 minutes

    e) Increments of time measured by the ancient Aztecs, that have yet to be determined by modern astronomers.

    The Miller Achievement Award goes to Frank "The Fish Man"

    "It's on your head!"

    November 2, 1995


    Say good bye to the most gifted basketball talent in the New York metropolitan area. To bad he was such a freak.

    Correspondence -Please add your city, state and country for our intercontential sensor I.C. bla bla bla market and info evaluation research clinic.

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